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Spy Software Packages

Type: activity threat detection security

Spy packages are a collection of tools, predominantly detection tools, aimed at monitoring most aspects of computer use using a single application. Spy packages often collect security tools together and reduce the time and complexity of installing multiple securities, these packages also have a tendency to simplify security applications and improving user friendliness.

Desktop Scout

There are many spy packages available, desktop scout is a good example of a spy package. There are a huge number of features on desktop scout including keylogging, application monitoring, internet activity, disk & process activity and even the ability to monitor and control a computer remotely. Desktop scout is very easy to install and user friendly, while performing very well. The combination of simplicity and power is a refreshing change from most securities which rarely combine simple user friendliness with a large amount of features and a powerful application.

Unfortunately, spy software packages are rarely available for free. However the performance, features and user friendliness of such software packages make the investment worthwhile for those with a larger budget. There are various different spy packages available and most vary in cost, user friendliness, features and performance.