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Type: activity threat detection security

Key logging is a simple yet effective way of monitoring activity; key loggers create a record of all keyboard entries into a computer. Key loggers can come in the form of hardware or software but both effectively achieve the same objective. Key loggers like many other monitoring implementations can fall foul of privacy rights and laws, it is therefore important to inform of such monitoring techniques within a computer use policy.

Hardware key loggers are popular amongst many malicious individuals as they can be quickly, easily and discreetly installed between the keyboard and computer, they will then read all information passing between the keyboard and the computer. It is often difficult to defend against this and sometimes the best defence is staff and user vigilance. Hardware key loggers require purchasing a physical device for each computer that requires watching and are more easily removed than software if discovered. It is for these reasons that, from a defensive point of view, software key loggers are often the preferred option.

Blazing Tools Perfect Keylogger Lite

Software key loggers are installed on the computers that require monitoring, computers on a network restrict software tampering and therefore software key loggers are more difficult for network users to evade. There are software key loggers available for a reasonable price, but there are not many available for free. Blazing Tools Perfect Keylogger Lite is a great example of a free key logger that is capable of key logging and being invisible to users. The log files are encrypted and password protected so even if the keylogger was discovered, interference with the keylogger is not possible without the password.