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Fire & Burglar Alarm Systems

Type: physical threat detection security

Alarms systems are commonly used in two main areas, fire detection and intruder detection. Fire detection is not only important in security but a legal requirement and it is unlikely that companies do not have these cheap yet crucial devices installed. Most fire detection is done using smoke sensors but if for some reason smoke detection is not an option, heat detection can be used to detect fires.

Intruder detection can take many forms but all are essentially used to detect an individualís presence. The most common methods of intruder detection are passive infrared (PIR), microwave and ultrasonic sensors. While the technology and detection techniques behind these sensors vary, all are used to detect motion and the presence of an individual.

Once detection has been made, alarm systems can function in one of two basic ways. Noisy alarm systems sound a loud audible alarm upon detection of a security threat, this alerts individuals within the proximity of the alarm system to a potential threat. Silent alarms are used to alert a remote location of a potential threat, this alert could be sent to the fire brigade, police, security personnel or anyone else responsible for dealing with a potential threat to security. An advantage of silent intruder alarms is that malicious individuals will be unaware they have been detected; therefore intercepting the individual is more probable.