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USB & Drive Lockers

Type: physical threat prevention security

A simple method of preventing USB devices from accessing the network is using a USB port locker, blocker and guard. This is a very simple but effective way of controlling access to USB ports by using a device that plugs into a USB port and then locks in place, effectively blocking the USB port. A blocking plate can be added to the locker in order to block adjacent USB ports and a USB cable guard is also available to prevent removal of authorised USB devices. This type of security is an example of a very simple method of security preventing a number of very serious threats. By directly controlling access to the USB ports, it is impossible for malicious USB devices to be connected to the network, critical USB devices being removed and data being removed via removable USB data storage devices.

Disk drive locks are a similar technique to the USB locks but for the disk drives such as a DVD/CD drive or floppy disk drive on the front of the computer, they work by locking onto the front of the computer and covering the disk drives thereby preventing physical access. If it is not necessary that users of the network access the disk drives on a computer, preventing access to disk drives would improve security by preventing the ability to add or remove data to or from the network.