The biggest and best social networking site on the Internet!


The micro blogging website exploded out of nowhere to become one of the Internets biggest websites. A simple idea really, allow anyone in the world to record messages on the Twitter website and anyone else can see what they have to say! Twitter has become a popular way for celebrities to connect with their fans and is also useful for updating friends on where you are and what your doing!


A social networking site designed for dating, it learns more about users when they complete parts of their profile or answer questions! .. this site is not to be confused with the massive collection of adult dating websites that claim to be free but are unusable until the user subscribes, OkCupid is 100% FREE!


The biggest and most popular blog (a sort of electronic Journal) creating site on the Internet and its FREE!


Bebo is yet another social networking site. Although similar to Facebook, Bebo is somewhat easier to browse other user's profiles also features such as customised profile pages make Bebo very popular!


While somewhat overshadowed by Facebook in recent times, MySpace is still one of the biggest social networking sites out there and is particularly popular with music fans and artists!