Google Literature Directory

Huge huge huge directory! If you can't find it here it probably doesn't exist... or its crap!


This is a brilliant place for anything text based, whether its a manual, book, map or anything else there is probably something here!

Good Reads

A great website for searching books and includes a feature to find books you might like based on what you currently enjoy!


Publish and sell your own books!

Rhyme Zone

This is an excellent and simple place to satisfy all your rhyming, synonym, definition and quotation needs!


A simple and very fast online dictionary!

The Literature Network

One of the biggest and best places to get literature information!

What Should I Read Next

A great little application for finding books that you might like based on books you have read!


A very powerful multilingual dictionary!

Podio Books

A great place to find audio books!


a great place to browse words both weird and wonderful!


So you wanna talk all clever an that eh!?!? Well here is a fun and effective way to improve your vocabulary!


Specialises in scrabble "assistance" ... although your opponent is likely to call it cheating! It also covers crosswords and sudoku!