Hugely popular website, Yahoo is one of the old warhorses of the Internet. Its survived the rise and fall of so many others and thats probably down to the fact that Yahoo has its fingers in so many pies! There is really not a lot Yahoo doesn't offer. From news, games, forums, and excellent service known as Yahoo answers.. all forms of entertainment and information are available here!

Wonder How To

This site is fascinating, an educational website with some strange subjects!


A very interesting website powered by its users, anything of interest on the Internet is brought here!


Reddit is a great place to browse for the latest interesting stuff on the net!

Brainy Quotes

A very interesting place to go and get the greatest words uttered by the greatest people who ever lived... and nothing says smart like quoting a wise old dead person!


This site is a catalogue of DIY stuff.. mostly useless but really interesting and a great way to waste some time!


Digg (as in ya Digg?) is a site were normal users post stories or blogs and aim to gain approval from other users. Simple and it produces some fascinating posts!

Ask Men

A great mens magazine style site!

Pop Sugar

A young womans magazine website!


As the name suggests this site has been designed for the girls, its sort of like an online woman's magazine!


Although it is designed for gamers, this is more like a young guys magazine type of website!


This is another all round website that has just about everything. Think of it like an online magazine!


A great site for getting an intelligent answer to a thoughtful question!

Wiki Sky

Wiki sky is an amazing site for those who like astronomy or just want to browse space!


A nice place to bring all your favourite parts of the web together!


A good site for philosophical, arty and psychological news and articles!