Wikipedia is the world famous information resource that is constantly expanded and updated by its users!

A massive resource of answers!


Videojug is a massive online video resource, the videos are informative and in most cases extremely helpful!


HubPages is a site for users to post blog-style informative pages to provide help and advice for users!


Their tag line is "Real People, Real Reviews" ... and that pretty much sums it up, a great site for getting honest (Independent) reviews on anything from restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, education, pets, public services.... etc etc... pretty much anything!

Yahoo Answers

This site is not just for proving a user with information, it also gives users the opportunity to help others... beware that not all answers are correct as they are provided by other users who, at times, are idiots! This is still an excellent site and its popularity means that there is always someone out there who can help you!

They Work For You

The site they don't want you to know about! Keep an eye on the politicians running the country!

Make Use Of

Fantastic site to learn just about anything IT, and its all aimed at the normal computer user so you won't find yourself getting confused by any difficult to understand information!


CNET is one of the best review websites on the Internet!


Perhaps the best Computer/IT dictionary available, this website is very useful for finding easy explanations to confusing IT terms!


This is a terrific site for finding out stats on countries of the world, there is very little information that cannot be found here!

Down the Lane Again

A great site for all the information on living the simple life!

Whats on When

Whats on When is a fantastic website for finding out about events in a specific area at a specific time!


NoSlang is a translator that converts internet slang terms into somthing a bit more understandable, great if your new to the web chat scene!