BBC Health

Another massive and professional website from the BBC, they have approached many of the awkward issues very responsibly!

If its bodybuilding your after, it doesn't really get more comprehensive than this. Massive Forum, Store and information resource on building muscle!


ShapeFit is a great all round health and fitness website with information on food and exercise, it also includes a community of health freaks!

Chemist Direct

The best UK online pharmacy with a huge selection of items and a low price!


A real professional and massive medical resource website!

NHS Direct

If you need a health problem diagnosing or want to make an out of hours appointment with the doc, this site is the place to come!


Possibly the best place to buy contact lenses, but make sure you have your prescription details handy!


A pretty comprehensive guide to health issues and a useful self diagnosis section!

Medicine Guides at

A brilliant place to find information on conditions and medicines available to treat them!


A nice directory that allows people to rate everyday food items, but its aimed at the American market!