Holy Lemon

Holy Lemon is the best place to find funny videos, pictures and games!

Urban Dictionary

This could almost be in the interesting or information categories too... but its hilarious so its classed as a funny site!

The Onion

A news website for the lighter hearted individuals!

Funny Junk

Funny Junk is another great place to find funny stuff, but it is particularly good for finding funny pictures!

The Cute Project


Aardvark Archie

This is a great place to find rude jokes and pictures!

Albino Black Sheep

This is a good website for funny flash videos and games!


Joe-ks is a long running funny website that includes a range of pictures, quotes, jokes and other material!

Funny or Die

This site is dedicated to funny videos!

Pun of the Day

I great site to find funny puns!

Some eCards

A funny collection of card you can send to those you care about (or don't care about!).


Fark is an unusual but funny website that highlights some funny, or perhaps crazy, news and current events!


This is a good place to find funny pictures and stuff!

The Oatmeal

The Oatmeal is a funny lil site!

Demotivate You

Demotivate You is an alternative to those rather condescending motivational posters... funny pictures!